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We offer a comprehensive range of programs designed to cater to players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics of the game or an aspiring professional aiming to hone your skills to the highest level, we have something for everyone.

Parent of U12 Boy

I just wanted to personally reach out to thank the two of you, and the rest of the Ginga staff, for an awesome season! We hate that it's winding to a close already! As you know, this was our son's first go-round with the Academy, and he definitely had a blast! He learned so much and made vast improvements from where he was just a few short months ago thanks to your top-notch training and instruction. Most importantly, it was great to see him become more confident and more sure of himself in his play. It was awesome for us to be able to watch from the sidelines and see some of that uneasiness being replaced by greater poise and self-assuredness. Hats off to you and the rest of the trainers who work so hard and build so much into the players! We couldn't be more grateful! We'll be looking forward to the next go-round! Thanks again for everything!

Parents of U10 and U11 Boys

I had to write to tell you and your staff how much my boys are enjoying Ginga. They come home and practice their 'moves' and look forward to attending each week. Each session, they are excited to tell me about the small moments when the coaches made personal connections with them- this means so much to them! They really look up to all of you. Things like: asking them their names after they do something well, complementing them on a move, telling them they are doing great at certain skills, asking them to be the leader to say "1,2,3- Ginga" at the end and similar things-there has been a moment for each of them each session. Those little things in between skills mean so much. I am a teacher and love to see soccer coaches utilizing the skills that teachers are taught. It is clear that all of you are master coaches and teachers of the game who have unparalleled passion for what you do. You all have a gift for working with young players. Your interactions with these young players, will keep them coming back. You make it fun and build them up. Those personal connections that all of your staff exhibit to the players is the best I've seen. I have never seen my boys more fired up to play soccer. We are going to be signing up for the next session and look forward to joining some of your soccer camps this summer. I can't wait for my daughter to get involved too(she's 6 now). Please share this with all of your staff on our behalf. We are grateful.

Parent of U12 Boy

What did you slip in my son's kool aid today? Ginga camp all day. Came home and practiced his "pick ups" (he called them that). Went to cross training 5-6 and juggled while waiting for class to start. Went to ginga 7-8 and came home to do more "pick ups"?? He said he had so much fun tonight and ginga camp is "the best!" and the overnight is going to be "so freaking awesome" and he can't wait for winter ginga because it's "so amazing." Seriously, he's on cloud 9. Just thought I'd share, he's always liked ginga, but he's really starting to become very passionate about it and I know that's a lot to do with you guys :-))))

Parent of U14 Boy

I am sitting here watching the US National Team and they started talking about the importance of futsal to the development of players in other countries. In the US there is so much focus on play on full size fields that the finer foot skills are not as developed vs the more successful countries. I am sure there are a number of other reasons why the US has not had more success but this discussion made me reflect on what Ginga has meant to my son and his development. Over the years we have been in and out of your program due to other commitments but each time we have come back I have seen a step change in his well as his passion for the game. He loves the small sided games and the challenges they present to him. I have seen a noticeable step change in the few short weeks he has been in the academy. He has gained a lot of confidence and it is transferring to his outdoor play as well. As I saw him training tonight I saw him using new moves and possessing the ball with much more confidence and with purpose. His coach noticed the difference as well. Thank you for all that you are doing for futsal in the Cincinnati area...and for what you are doing to help my son progress in the game he loves. We truly appreciate your efforts!

U15 Girl Ginga Academy player

I have learned so much from the Ginga Academy, I love futsal and soccer, but I really love futsal. I love learning new moves with the ball, and practicing is a lot of fun. My teammates are awesome, and the coaches, well they are just great!

U13 Girl Ginga Academy player

I would like to play Ginga because you get to meet new people, learn and show off skills, and it's fun.

U12 Boy Ginga Academy player

I would like to be in the Ginga Academy because I think I would be able to face up against the best and see how I do I would get to see some of my friends maybe and meet new friends. I would also get to see the coaches. They are cool and nice

U15 Girl Ginga Academy player

I would love to do TGA because I get to practice, play, and use my skills with older kids. It lets me play soccer with other kids who have a passion for soccer and who are challenging to play against. Also, The skills at TGA are important to learn, so it is good to refresh, get better, and learn new skills to use in 1v1, games, and practices. For these reasons, TGA helps me Get better.

U10 Boy Ginga Academy player

To become a better player with the ball. To gain more confidence and skills when taking on defenders.

U13 Girl

I would like to play Ginga because you get to meet new people, learn, and show off skills, and it’s fun.