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School of Ginga


To create a exceptional environment for youth player development through soccer integrated programs. 


In 2005, soccer across the United States was beginning to grow and flourish.  Professional soccer was back in the tri-state area (USL Cincinnati Kings) and more kids were playing “the beautiful game” than ever before.   

Jon Caldwell and Derek Smith, co-founders of GINGA, met while playing for the USL Cincinnati Kings professional soccer team. While in Cincinnati, Caldwell and Smith also continued their professions as youth soccer coaches in Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky. Both Caldwell and Smith continued their playing careers throughout the US after the Cincinnati Kings, however re-united back in Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky once again in 2010 to form GINGA.    

In 2010, GINGA was officially established in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area as a new revolution into youth soccer culture and development.  The foundation of GINGA was rooted in Street Soccer principles and total ball control concepts. With these concepts in mind, GINGA initially began with the Ginga Touch skills program, summer camp program, and dedicated facilitators of pelada's (street soccer pickup up games) for youth and adult.   

In 2012, GINGA had grown from a small niche of passionate players to hundreds  of youth soccer players who valued community, skill, and love of the beautiful game. This was also the year that we established our Ginga Futsal program.  GINGA was now offering skills, futsal, camps, leagues, tournaments, and free-play.  The players involved with Ginga were taking huge strides in their game, and coaches, parents, and other players took notice.  Street soccer / Futsal was alive in Cincinnati and the impact could be seen in the way kids played the beautiful game.   

Futsal, a sport officially recognized by FIFA, and responsible for careers of some of the best soccer players currently playing (Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Neymar), began to erupt in terms of popularity within the United States. The backing of US Soccer and organizations such as USYF, USSF, and USA Futsal have contributed to the Futsal movement in the United States.  Recognized as leaders in Futsal, GINGA co-founders Caldwell and Smith, have proudly served as US Youth Futsal National and Regional ID Staff members. GINGA has also produced numerous regional and national champions as well as exceptional players.   

In 2016, GINGA Academy BU15 (01-02) claimed 2nd place at USYF Nationals.  In 2017, the GU15 (02-03) claimed 2nd place at USYF Nationals, while our BU15 (02-03) claimed the USYF National Champion title.    

Our club is proud of our player’s individual accomplishments just as much as our team accomplishments.  GINGA, to date, has produced 14 US Youth Futsal National team members and 1 US Youth Soccer National team member.  We pride ourselves on individual player development. We have seen 100’s of players make huge strides in their development, as well as seen players grow more passionate about the beautiful game of soccer.