What is School of Ginga?  
School of Ginga is a soccer organization which encompasses all youth best practice development ideas within our programs.  Our programs are based on culture, community, free play, training, and competition.

Where is School of Ginga located? 
Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. All free-play, trainings, and games will be located at 6630 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati OH

Where did the name Ginga come from? 
Ginga comes from Brasil. It is a word that is related to music or rhythm specifically "brazilian samba". Brazilians say they are born with Ginga!

Who can signup for School of Ginga programs? 
Any child that is wants to play and/or train.  You can be club, select, rec, or grassroots. The Ginga programs focus on the Individual development of the soccer player. 

What ages can participate in programs?  
Boys ages u4- u19 and Girls ages u4- u19

Will your skills programs be too easy or too difficult for my son/daughter?  
Our have multiple curriculums for players based on ages and ability.  Our trainings will comfortably challenge beginners, intermediates, and advanced players. 

Does Ginga offer year round programs? 
Yes, Ginga offers a 10 month futsal to soccer program  August - May (fall, winter 1, winter 2, spring).  The 10 month program is the only program that Ginga does not allow outside soccer club members to participate. Two reasons players will compete in soccer leagues and tournaments and double rosters are not allowed for OSYSA and we believe this program will only benefit players fully committed. The June-July months are optional as we provide summer camp opportunities.

Do you offer less commitment programs?  
Yes and year round! Players can take advantage of our skills training program, futsal programs, and camps throughout the year.

Why do we use futsal for soccer development?  
It's simple...The best players that have ever played the game played futsal or street soccer as a child.  Futsal creates the right environment for player development.  It requires each player to have fast thinking, good skills/ball control, and technique of striking or passing.  U.S. Soccer is an advocate of the game of futsal. 5v5 Futsal is the best tool that translates directly to 11v11. 

Does FIFA support futsal?  
Futsal is the only indoor soccer sport approved by FIFA. FIFA is the governing body for soccer world.

Futsal ball vs Soccer ball?  
The weighted futsal ball stays on the ground, which allows kids to control the ball better to develop ball mastery. It also demands for good technique of the foot when striking the ball.  

Why the different surfaces and balls?  
Brazilians and many other countries play on the street, sand, or soccer wherever they can.  Using different balls creates a fun challenge of ball control, skill and technique. 

Does School of Ginga form teams?  
The Ginga roots program will look to create house Ginga teams for ages u7-u9 to play in the Ginga Roots League or EPL. The Total Ginga Academy will look to form teams for ages u10-u19.  There is a tryout process for TGA. 

Does Ginga offer financial aid? 
Yes, check our resource page for more information

What is the Ginga mailing address?
Ginga LLC
PO Box 15092
Lockland, OH 45215